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Instagram Advertising in NZ Trends for 2023

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Businesses now frequently use Instagram to communicate with their target market in New Zealand. With over 1.2 million users in New Zealand and over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram offers businesses an excellent way to reach their target market. Businesses must stay current on the newest Instagram advertising trends as 2023 draws closer to stay competitive. The top Instagram advertising NZ trends for 2023 will be covered in this blog, along with advice on how to get ready for them.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Ads: In 2023, it's anticipated that Instagram will see an increase in AR advertising. Businesses can design immersive experiences for their target market using AR ads. AR filters can be used to improve product demonstrations, highlight digital try-ons, or merely include an interactive component in an advertisement. Brands can use augmented reality (AR) ads to develop a distinctive and memorable experience that will probably lead to engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Shoppable Posts: Instagram already offers this feature, and in 2023 it's anticipated to become more popular. Shoppable posts make it simple for users to buy products directly from Instagram by allowing businesses to tag products within their posts. This trend is especially important for New Zealand's e-commerce companies because it gives customers a seamless shopping experience.

  • Video Ads: Over the past few years, Instagram has seen an increase in the popularity of video ads, which is anticipated to continue in 2023. Businesses can produce brief, interesting videos to highlight their goods or services, their brand values, or to share behind-the-scenes information. Instagram video ads are a fantastic way to engage users and grab their attention.

  • Influencer Marketing: Recently, Instagram advertising has increasingly included influencer marketing, and this trend is anticipated to continue in 2023. Businesses can reach their target audience through reliable and genuine voices by working with influencers. User-generated content, which can be used in upcoming marketing campaigns,can also be generated by businesses with influencer marketing.

  • Microtargeting: In 2023, this trend is anticipated to gain more traction. Businesses can reach niche audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors by utilizing Instagram's sophisticated targeting features. Utilizing microtargeting, businesses can produce relevant and customized advertisements that are more likely to lead to engagement and sales.

Creating a successful Instagram ad campaign in NZ

One of the best tools for helping companies connect with their target market and advertise their goods or services is Instagram. With more than 1.2 million users in New Zealand and over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram presents a significant chance for companies to connect with their target market. However, it takes careful planning, strategy, and execution to put together a profitable Instagram advertising campaign.

Step 1: Establish Your Objectives and Audience

Identifying your objectives and target market is the first step in developing an effective Instagram advertising campaign. Are you trying to generate leads, drive sales, or raise brand awareness? What are the interests and behaviours of your target audience? You can develop a targeted advertising campaign that connects with your target audience by clearly defining your objectives and target market.

Step 2: Select the Type of Ad

There are many different ad formats available on Instagram, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and stories ads. It's crucial to select the format that best fits your campaign goals and content because each format has specific advantages and disadvantages.

Step 3: Create your ad content

It's time to create your ad content after selecting your ad format. Your ad copy should be visually appealing, interesting, and pertinent to the audience you are trying to reach. Make sure the messaging and visual identity of your brand are consistent with the content of your ads.

Step 4: Set your ad budget and schedule

Setting a budget for Instagram ads should be in line with your campaign goals and overall marketing budget because they can be costly. To maximize engagement with your target audience, you can schedule your ads to run at particular times of the day or week.

Step 5: Target Your Audience

Various targeting options are available on Instagram, including those based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and location. Based on the data you gathered in step one, be sure to target your audience.

Step 6: Launch Your Ad Campaign

It's time to start your ad campaign after you've created your ad content, decided on your budget and schedule, and targeted your audience. To maximize your results, keep a close eye on the performance of your campaign and make necessary adjustments to your ad content, targeting, and budget.

Step 7: Evaluate Your Performance

Finally, it's critical to gauge the success of your Instagram advertising campaign. Track the effectiveness of your campaign, including reach, engagement, and conversions, using Instagram's built-in analytics tools. Utilize this data to enhance your advertising campaign and maximize your outcomes for subsequent campaigns.

Businesses must keep up with the most recent Instagram advertising NZ trends in New Zealand as 2023 draws closer to compete. A few of the trends that are anticipated to gain more traction in the future include augmented reality advertising, shoppable posts, video ads, influencer marketing, and microtargeting. You can develop a memorable and successful advertising campaign that connects with your target audience by incorporating these trends into your Instagram advertising strategy. Remember that providing value, being genuine, and regularly engaging with your audience are the keys to success on Instagram. For your business, Mint Online creates a tailored Instagram Ads strategy that outlines the best ad formats to promote your brand or your products. We'll outline your target audience, pick the best ad placements, and describe how we'll optimize your campaigns to reach your goals.

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