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Why Should You Use Google Adwords Auckland For Online Advertising?

We all know the Internet is an important aspect of our lives, but the figures may surprise you. To put it another way, 91 percent of Kiwis are online, with 86 percent of us using the internet on a daily basis. The majority of us begin our browsing session by conducting a search, most often using Google's market-leading search engine (Google has almost 95 percent of the search market in New Zealand). When you combine this number with the number of people who go online every day, Google's AdWords Auckland digital advertising service begins to look like the obvious choice for New Zealand businesses looking to raise their brand's online visibility, increase website traffic, and generate more sales or enquiries.

The fact that Google searches account for almost half of all searches are now made on mobile devices, and Google owns 98.97 percent of the mobile search engine market in New Zealand, demonstrates Google's dominance in the search market.

About Google Ads:

When you want to be seen in front of your audience while they are searching for what your business has to offer on the Google Search engine, Google Ads are great. Our Adwords management professionals help you appear in front of your audience at the perfect time and place, allowing you to increase sales while lowering your cost-per-lead.

We provide the following Google Ads management services:

  • Management of Google Adwords

  • Management of Google Display Ads

  • Management of Google Shopping Ads

  • Management of Youtube Ads

What Makes Adwords Advertising Better Than Other Platforms?

So, we've established that the quantity of Kiwis on the Internet can't be ignored, and that Google controls the Internet in New Zealand. But does this make online advertising any more intelligent than, say, a print or radio advertisement? Yes and no. The sheer amount of individuals online is astounding, but it simply indicates there's a large audience out there waiting. When we consider how AdWords can be used to target a certain audience and how measurable its performance is, it really shines. This is why digital marketing is a far better option than print or radio advertising. Adwords Is a Pay-Per-Click Service That Focuses Your Advertising Spend on a Specific Audience. AdWords is a type of pay-per-click advertising that may (and should) be combined with Google Analytics, a powerful reporting tool designed by Google to track how users explore and react to various content and ads. This massive data set eliminates a lot of the guesswork in advertising. It means that with the help of a Google Premier Partner accredited digital marketer, you can learn:

  • What are the keywords that are most likely to be searched for and when are they likely to be looked up by your target market

  • Which gadget are they using?

  • What part of the country they're searching from and what hours (and days of the week) they're looking

You may use criteria in all of these areas to target your ideal audience and present your product or service to them at the exact moment they are looking for it. You're not wasting your money on'stab in the dark' coverall commercials on the radio or in newspapers because the more targeted you get, the more likely you are to reach your target demographic - who are more likely to convert than someone outside of your target audience.

In Auckland, Google AdWords

It's no surprise that we're in Auckland talking about Google AdWords. For starters, we want to be found when people search for "google adwords auckland." Second, we're situated in Auckland and provide excellent Adwords results for clients in the region. We have the people in place to achieve exceptional results, regardless of your budget, as a Google Partner. We build effective AdWords campaigns while maintaining a laser-like focus on ROI. It's written in our DNA.

Getting Tasks Accomplished

On this subject, we could go into considerable detail. How we'll manage your account, provide you regular reports, and conduct extensive keyword research. We've been through it before. You can find the 'how AdWords works' pitch on other websites.

We prefer to let our numbers speak for themselves.

Imagine being able to show your boss a 1,319 percent boost in traffic through Google Adwords. One of our clients had to do just that. That night, the drinks were clearly on him.

The importance of the Quality Score

While setting up your Google AdWords account is crucial, so is the landing page to which we direct all of your visitors. This is what decides your Quality Score, so make sure the landing page lives up to the hype. Don't make grand promises in your adverts just to disappoint users when they visit your website. That's a surefire method to turn off any potential clients that visit your site.

How Mint Online Works? The steps we take to assist your company grow are as follows:

Our PPC advertising and management professionals have perfected every trick, every approach that is required to maximise your advertising budget over time the years that we have been in the market. Our experience is in identifying the correct prospects and, as a result, assisting you in increasing your ROI.


When it comes to advertising, we recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As a result, we have a team of experts dedicated to completing the study for you and thoroughly understanding the behaviour of your target audience. Our professionals begin building the ideal advertising/marketing game plan aligned with your business demands and goals only after doing a complete market analysis.


Do you have a marketing department? Our professionals will assist you in making the most of your current marketing resources while also using our expertise. We'll work with your internal resources in such a way that your company benefits from both our and your team's strengths.


Many people forget the importance of having the correct mix of low and high competition keywords. This can make or ruin your efforts in search engine marketing. After a thorough examination of what your prospects are looking for and what would make them tick, we've mastered the process of discovering the juiciest blend of keywords.

Why us?

MINTOnline has been operating in New Zealand as an online digital footprint specialist since 2020. We are a prominent digital marketing business based in Auckland that has achieved success by giving reliable results to our clients. We're more than just an SEO firm; we also offer Google Adwords Auckland campaign management and optimization, web design, content marketing, brand management, and more. You have arrived at the right place, if you want to work with a team that is results-driven and will keep driving until success is achieved.

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